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Meet Our Children

Uganda has one of the largest populations with 56% of its 37 million people under the age of 18, and more than 52 % under the age of 15.  According to Ugandan authorities, the number of Ugandan children living on the streets is increasing dramatically each year.

Children living on the streets in Uganda face violence and discrimination by the police, the local government, peers and the community in which they live.  They suffer brutality and violence and exploitation on the streets by other children and homeless adults.  They lack access to clean water, food, medical care, shelter and education.

The children in Uganda who have a home live in single parent or adult relative homes.  In a lot of these cases, a parent has died or left the home, or the family has been scattered and separated by regional conflict.  

Most children face huge obstacles when it comes to education.  Schools may not be within walking distance requiring a child to pay for tuition and boarding away from home.  Tuition itself is a major challenge as the average yearly income is $590 USD.  Tuition alone for primary education in Uganda averages $40.  

These children need your help now!