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Support Area: Fund Your Mission Trip

You can fund your participation in our next mission trip to Uganda right here.  Simply open an account and deposit funds through the 'Fund Your Mission Trip' donation button.  You can put aside as little or as much as you would like at regular intervals.  The total cost of the trip is approximately $2800.00.  (This does not include food during the air travel portion of the trip or souvenirs.)

Dates for the summer mission trip are set for July 2023. 

We will leave from Pittsburg, make connections in Washington DC and then on to Belgium and then Entebbe, Uganda.  Total travel time with layovers is approximately 27 hours.

The flight cost averages $1800.00 per person.  The stay in Uganda will be a little over $1000.00 per person which includes motel, meals and some excursions. 

We will have pre-travel Zoom meetings to inform you of activities, what you need to take, cultural issues and customs.  You will need a current passport, Ugandan visa and a shot for Yellow Fever and recent Covid negative test results.

We will spend time with the kids and their families, time at the soccer field, time with staff.  We will be involved with mentoring newly saved Christians, street and church ministry, small group studies, as well as work at the school and in the gardens. 

Most importantly, we will be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground through the love of Jesus.

Feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions you have.  

Marilee and David Bodendorfer




*Any funds deposited for a mission trip will be used only towards the cost of the mission trip.  Should an individual deposit funds and not attend the trip, the funds will still be used for the mission trip.  Donations are nonrefundable.  

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