Hope is the answer!

Hope House

Some of the children who come to Divine Soccer Ministries' Hope House are orphans, either to a single parent, or both.  These children have watched parents die from AIDS, and often they have been abandon with no family member willing or able to take care of them.  They end up going to streets or suffering under siblings or relatives who are either unable to look after them, and sometimes sell them.  Mostly due to lack income

At Hope House we rescue, rehabilitate, rebuild and provide mentorship to help these children grow and change from their hurtful past.  It’s a place where hospitality happens in the name of Jesus.

Other children come to Hope House in order to have a home while attending school.  Hope House is their refuge from expensive boarding fees.  The children receive lodging, meals, fellowship and a sense of belonging.  With care and compassion, we are able to do more than just feed them daily.  They are taught about the Love of God through His Son Jesus, the savior of the world!

They do activities like farming, singing (music, dance and drama), crafts, cooking, and much more!  Each engaging activity increases the children's confidence, physical well-being, life education and so much more.