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Hello Donors,

Hope you are having a wonderful September so far.  Isn't the summer flying by?

God has greatly blessed RKU and Divine Ministries during this trying time of Covid 19. Masaka continues on limited restrictions.  The rate of illness is decreasing.  We praise God for protecting our families in Masaka and helping them recover from the virus. 

It appears school will resume in the next couple of weeks.  The school staff is being required by the government to be vaccinated.  Please cover the staff  and students in your prayers as school resumes. 

I want to thank Ken Jaschob for posting his pictures of 2 girls he recently sponsored.  This post received many views and comments resulting in other people sponsoring some of our children.  It was a simple post, indicating that he had added 2 more girls to his "sponsored family".  Thank you Ken for spreading the word about Rock Kidz and its children.  We still have 18 kids needing sponsors. 

I WANT TO CHALLENGE EACH OF YOU TO PUT UP A POST ON FACEBOOK OF PICS INTRODUCING THE KIDS YOU SPONSOR THROUGH RKU.  Doesn't need to be fancy, just share how you came to be a sponsor and how they might do the same.  If each of you do this, I am sure we can get more sponsors for our kids. You have a wider circle of influence than you know.  It makes a difference hearing from the sponsor and assures people we are an organization that can be trusted. I'd love to see Facebook flooded with your posts.  God is so pleased with your caring and donations for His dear children. Please help us today!  

Thank you for sponsoring the kids you do support. The kids and their families truly appreciate it.  Some donors sponsor 1 child, some 2 or 3, some 6 or 7 and one up to 11 children.  Fifty nine children are now sponsored by American donors.  God is honored and glorified by all of this and you will be blessed as well.  Saying thank you is not enough, but hopefully the children's smiles and the joy in the hearts of these kids and their families is enough for you all.  You are a terrific group of sponsors.  We love each one of you.  David and I are so thankful that we can facilitate this and reach God's children.

Have a blessed September everyone!!

In His service,


David and Marilee Bodendorfer

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