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Christmas Message

Merry Christmas Donors and Friends!

A most unusual Christmas this year, but Jesus is on His Throne and we are most thankful for all His blessings.  We pray you are all well.  We know too many are experiencing Covid, but Psalm 91 provides a perfect prayer for all.


Divine Junior School has cement floors, plastered walls and blackboards now.  Thanks staff for your work at the school and thank you donors for your generous and faithful support.  We praise God for every one of you.  Any size gift is a big blessing.  Currently we have just under $700.00 in the building fund to use towards doors and windows.  We are praying God leads us to more funds to get us the additional $5000.00 still needed. PLEASE help us discover more sources of funding to complete the building.  School will restart in February.  Registration for our school is going on this month.  God moved us to build and He will lead us to completion.

A number of our students who are attending school now, because they are on a level 7 in primary or secondary classes will be completing requirements either to move ahead or graduate at the close of this term.  Praise God!  we are so glad they were allowed to go to school this fall.


Dates for the summer mission trip are set up for departure on July 18,2021 through July 30, landing in the US on July 31.  I am making flight arrangements through an organization that specializes in serving mission trips.  Prices are usually a bit lower than through agencies, yet still fly the main lines.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating.  We will leave from Pittsburg, make connections in Washington DC and then on to Belgium and then Entebbe, Uganda.  Total travel time with layovers is approximately 27 hours. The flights cost around $1400.00.  The stay in Uganda will be a little over $1000.00 which includes motel, meals and some excursions.  You are on your own for souvenirs.   We will have pre-travel Zoom meetings to inform you of activities, what you need to take, cultural issues and customs.  You will need a current passport, Ugandan visa and a shot for Yellow Fever and recent Covid negative test results. We will spend time with the kids and their families, time at the soccer field, time with staff.  We will be involved with mentoring newly saved christians, street and church ministry, small group studies, as well as work at the school and in the gardens.  Most importantly, we will be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground through the love of Jesus.


We pray you have a safe and healthy Christmas rejoicing in the birth and life of the Savior of the World, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Have a blessed Christmas,

David and Marilee Bodendorfer

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